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Precor 9.33 Treadmill

Run or walk more comfortably with premium 9.33 treadmill. Ground Effects and Integrated Footplant Technology cushion joints and support your stride. With more programs, User IDs and features, the 9.35 provides the most variety and tracking tools.

Precor 9.33 Treadmill Specifications

  • Shock Absorption- Ground Effects Impact Control is the same technology used on our commercial treadmills in health clubs the world over. It creates the perfect balance between shock absorption and stride support, reducing joint stress, minimizing fatigue and helping to prevent injury. Shock absorbers at the front of the deck offer extra cushioning based on your weight, to absorb impact where your foot strikes. A pivot point in the back supports a full range-of-motion and provides a solid surface, with some give, to accommodate your individual stride, for an easy push-off.
  • Stride Support- Precor Integrated Footplant Technology makes the treadmill move the way you do by changing the belt speed to match that of your foot. As your foot slows and accelerates during impact and push-off, our technology senses it and adjusts the belt speed – up to 710 times a second at 12 mph (19.3 kph).
  • Handlebars- Premium full length
  • Color- Warm Brown with Warm White accents
  • Transport Wheels- Integrated
  • Console Type- Streamlined / Advanced LED Display
  • Tap Control-No
  • Console Language-English
  • Number Of Programs-16
  • Electronic Readouts- Calories, Distance, Heart rate, Incline, Pace, Profile, Smart Rate®, Speed, Time elapsed, Time remaining
  • Heart Rate Monitoring-Touch
  • Frame- Fully welded, powder coated steel for durability and attractive appearance
  • Speed Range- 5 - 12 mph / .8 - 19.3 km/h
  • Decline/Incline Range- 2% decline - 15% incline
  • Belt Dimensions- 22 W x 56 L inches / 56 W x 142 cm
  • Equipment Weight- 335 lbs / 152 kg
  • Equipment Dimension- 79 inches / 204 cm X 34 inches / 86 cm X 56 inches / 142 cm

Precor 9.33 Treadmill Features

  • Integrated Footplant Technology -Precor Integrated Footplant Technology makes the treadmill move the way you do by changing the speed up to 710 times a second.
  • Pacer Feature-Challenge your own record with Pacer Feature . A visual icon allows you to see your current pace compared to your personal record.
  • Heart Rate Monitor-you can get your heart rate whle touching the monitor aafter entering your age and weight
  • Multi Zone Shock Absorption- Multi zone deck absorps shocks and minimzes the impact on your joints

Additional Info

Precor 9.33 Treadmill Warranty

  • Frame and Welds-Lifetime
  • Parts(Mechanical and Electronic) -10 Yrs
  • Labor-1 year

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