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About Quantum Fitness

Founded in 1990, Quantum Fitness is a manufacturer ofcommercialequipment for the medical and fitness markets. Their roots which were in the medical and rehabilitation markets, quickly expanded into fitness as the demand increased for workout facilities in new settings such as health clubs, corporate wellness and the housing market. they knew however, to stay successful in these competitive markets would require introducing equipment which did not mimic what had been done before. Quantum are innovative and create products that truly met the demands of the growing and ever changing demographics of the industry, without disrupting our core business.

Their signature ab machine series which included the Power Crunch, Thera Crunch, and Roto Crunch, was a highly successful and unique patented line which quickly made Quantum a household name in fitness facilities the world over.

Quantum Fitness Products

Quantum Fitness Strength

  • Quantum Isis Q1509 Chest/incline/shoulder Press Machine
  • Quantum Isis Q1516 Pec/rear Delt Machine
  • Quantum Isis Q1519 High Lat/mid Row Machine
  • Quantum Isis Q1556 Leg Extension/leg Curl Machine
  • Quantum Isis Q1593 Leg Press Machine
  • Quantum Isis Q1004 Chest Press Machine
  • Quantum Isis Q1012 Shoulder Press Machine
  • Quantum Isis Q1030 Leg Extension Machine
  • Quantum Isis Q1034 Leg Curl Machine
  • Quantum Qis-8501 Multi - Cervical
  • Quantum Qis-8556 Seated Leg Extension/leg Curl
  • Quantum Qis-8542 Seated Abdominal/back Extension
  • Quantum Qis-8525 Biceps Curl/triceps Extension
  • Quantum Qis-8516 Pec/rear Deltoid Combo
  • Quantum Qis-8519 High Lat/mid Row Combo
  • Quantum Qis-8540 Seated Row/upper Back
  • Quantum Qis-8524 Weight Assisted Chin/dip Combo
  • Quantum Qis-8566 Hip Abduction/adduction Combo
  • Quantum Qis-8550 Multi-hip
  • Quantum Qis-8593 15 Leg Press/calf Raise Combo
  • Quantum Qis-8509 Multi-press Bench/incline/shoulder
  • Quantum Muscle Trainer Without Adjustable Bench
  • Quantum Muscle Trainer With Flat/incline Bench
  • Quantum Qis-8010 Adjustable Cable Column
  • Quantum Qis-8004 Vertical Chest Press
  • Quantum Qis-8113 Converging Chest Press
  • Quantum Qis-8012 Shoulder Press
  • Quantum Qis-8112 Converging Shoulder Press
  • Quantum Qis-8300 Lat Pulldown
  • Quantum Qis-8016 Biceps Curl
  • Quantum Qis-8018 Triceps Extension
  • Quantum Qis-8200 Power Crunch 2000
  • Quantum Qis-8250 Power Crunch 2500
  • Quantum Qis-8500 Power Quad
  • Quantum Qis-8030 Leg Extension W/asr
  • Quantum Qis-8034 Seated Leg Curl W/asr
  • Quantum Qis-8541 Glute Shaper
  • Quantum Qis-8038 Seated Leg Press
  • Quantum Qis-8036 Horizontal Leg Press
  • Quantum Qps-6004 Vertical Chest Press
  • Quantum Qps-6016 Biceps Curl
  • Quantum Qps-6018 Triceps Extension
  • Quantum Qps-6030 Leg Extension W/asr
  • Quantum Qps-6034 Seated Leg Curl W/asr
  • Quantum Qps-6036 Horizontal Leg Press
  • Quantum Qps-6112 Converging Shoulder Press
  • Quantum Qps-6113 Converging Chest Press
  • Quantum Qps-6200 Power Crunch 2000
  • Quantum Qps-6300 Lat Pulldown
  • Quantum Qps-6500 Power Quad
  • Quantum Qps-6509 Multi-press Bench/incline/shoulder
  • Quantum Qps-6516 Pec/rear Deltoid Combo
  • Quantum Qps-6519 High Lat/mid Row Combo
  • Quantum Qps-6540 Seated Row/upper Back
  • Quantum Qps-6542 Seated Abdominal/back Extension
  • Quantum Qps-6556 Seated Leg Extension/leg Curl
  • Quantum Qps-6566 Hip Abduction/adduction Combo
  • Quantum Qps-6580 Glute Shaper
  • Quantum Qps-6593 15 Leg Press/calf Raise Combo
  • Quantum Qwt-145 Power Crunch 1200
  • Quantum Qwt-150 Power Crunch 1500
  • Quantum Qaa-9053 Abt
  • Quantum Qaa-9011 Vertical Chest Press/row
  • Quantum Qaa-9012 Pec/rear Delt
  • Quantum Qaa-9013 Shoulder Press/lat Pull
  • Quantum Qaa-9014 Arm Curl/triceps Ext
  • Quantum Qaa-9015 Abdominal/back
  • Quantum Qaa-9016 Seated Leg Curl/leg Extension
  • Quantum Qaa-9017 Inner/outer Thigh
  • Quantum Qaa-9018 Leg Press
  • Quantum Qaa-9019 Shoulder Lift/tricep Press
  • Quantum Qaa-9050 Stepper
  • Quantum Qaa-9051 Torso Rotation
  • Quantum Qaa-9052 Seated Safety Squat
  • Quantum Qaa-9054 Total Power
  • Quantum Qka-9031 Vertical Chest Press/row
  • Quantum Qka-9032 Pec/rear Delt
  • Quantum Qka-9033 Shoulder Press/lat Pull
  • Quantum Qka-9034 Arm Curl/triceps Ext
  • Quantum Qka-9035 Abdominal/back
  • Quantum Qka-9036 Seated Leg Curl/leg Extension
  • Quantum Qka-9038 Leg Press
  • Quantum Qka-9037 Inner/outer Thigh
  • Quantum Qka-9039 Shoulder Lift/tricep Press
  • Quantum Qka-9060 Stepper
  • Quantum Qka-9071 Torso Rotation
  • Quantum Qka-9072 Seated Safety Squat
  • Quantum Qka-9074 Total Power
  • Quantum Qwt-100 Olympic Flat Bench Press With Plate Storage
  • Quantum Qwt-102 Olympic Incline Press With Plate Storage
  • Quantum Qwt-106 Squat Rack With Plate Storage
  • Quantum Qwt-108 Power Rack With Plate Storage And Chin Bars
  • Quantum Qwt-110 Seated Preacher Curl With Plate Storage
  • Quantum Qwt-120 Double-sided Plate Rack
  • Quantum Qwt-122 Bar And Handle Accessory Rack
  • Quantum Qwt-146 Chin/dip/leg Raise Power Tower
  • Quantum Qwt-148 45 Hyperextension Bench
  • Quantum Qwt-136 Angled Smith Machine With Plate Storage
  • Quantum Qwt-138 Angled Inverted Leg Press
  • Quantum Qwt-126 Flat Bench With Wide Tapered Top
  • Quantum Qwt-134 Adjustable Sit Up / Decline Bench
  • Quantum Qwt-132 Seated Utility Bench
  • Quantum Qwt-130 Flat/adjustable Incline Bench With Wheels (0-85)
  • Quantum Qwt-106 Squat Rack With Plate Storage
  • Quantum Qwt-108 Power Rack With Plate Storage And Chin Bars
  • Quantum Qwt-112 Two Tiered 10 Pair Dumbbell Rack With Saddles
  • Quantum Qwt-114two-tiered Hex Head Dumbbell Rack
  • Quantum Qwt-120 Double-sided Plate Rack
  • Quantum Qwt-122 Bar And Handle Accessory Rack

Quantum Fitness Contact Address

Quantum Fitness Corporation
10245 West Airport Blvd.
Stafford, TX 77477

Toll Free: (800) 937-2282
Local: (281) 495-3003
Fax: (281) 495-7542

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