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Raspberry Ketone Plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus is a new formula for fat burning with a blend of powerful superfruits and antioxidants and Raspberry Ketones. Raspberry Ketone Plus flushes all the toxins and keeps thebody clean. One major highlight of the product is that it suppresses appetite and gives a feeling of fullness.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Ingredients

Aside from the main Raspberry Ketone Plus enzyme used to create the product, there are a number of other essential ingredients in any Raspberry Ketone product:

  • African mango extract: The African mango extract is an effective supplement to help stifle hunger pangs, control the appetite, and help the body burn food faster. The African mango extract helps to speed up the metabolism, which ensures that food and fat are turned into energy faster than the body can store it as fat.
  • Acai berry: The Acai berry is used to provide the body with all of the antioxidants that are needed for proper functioning.
  • Reservatrol: Reservatrol is included as another weight loss product, as the benefits of this grape extract is also rich in antoixdants and fat burning enzymes as well.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Apple cider vinegar has long been known to promote weight loss, and it is used in the Raspberry Ketone Plus products to help shed the pounds.
  • Kelp, Grapefruit extract and caffeine all formulated to help you lose weight

Raspberry Ketone Plus Dosage

Recommended dose of a raspberry ketone supplement is only 200mg per day.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Side Effects

Aside from an unlikely allergic reaction to the Raspberry Ketone, Acai berry, or African mango extract, there are no side effects .

Raspberry Ketone Plus Benefits

  • More than just a fat burner. Lots of antioxidants from ingredients such as African Mango Extract and Acai Berry
  • Contains 200mg of Raspberry Ketone per serving for best results
  • Featured and recommended on FOX news and Dr Oz Show in the USA