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Slimquick Razor

SlimQuick Razor pill produced in the United States, the SlimQuick Razor pill is the most effective fat burners for women. There has been some mild controversy around the product, though, as it is designed for extremely rapid weight loss and is market towards those who want to have the “bodybuilder” appearance.

SlimQuick Razor Ingredients

SlimQuick Razor 6 Ways Complex: Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Phosphatidylcholine, Tea Extract, Capsicum Extract, Chaste Tree Extract, L-Tyrosine, Bacopa Extract, Turmeric, Pomegranate Fruit, Grape Seed Extract, Cocoa Seed, Brown Seaweed, Ginger Root, Pepper Fruit Extract and Gugglesterones.

SlimQuick Razor Dosage

Take the first serving in the morning with breakfast and the second serving 6 hours later with an afternoon meal or snack, each time with 8 oz. of water. Refer to the dosing chart below. Do not exceed 6 caplets in a 24-hour period. SlimQuick should be used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet and intense exercise program (refer to insert included). Do not take SlimQuick within 5 hours of bedtime. Read the entire label before use and follow directions.

SlimQuick Razor Side Effects

Due to the stimulant content present inside Ignite Tech Complex (caffeine, green tea), consumers can expect some side effects such as nervousness, anxiety and irritability.

SlimQuick Razor Pros

  • All ingredients are listed on an official website for SlimQuick Razor.
  • Clinical studies are referenced on the website.
  • The dieter can order the product direct from SlimQuick.
  • The formula contains two proven fat burners.
  • Will likely increase metabolism.

SlimQuick Razor Cons

  • Could contain too much caffeine for some dieters.
  • The dieter must start out with one capsule and work up to the full dose of three capsules.
  • No before and after photos or testimonials listed on the website.