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About SportsArt Fitness

Having designed and manufactured fitness equipment for 30 years, Sports Art Fitness has consistently raised the bar in the fitness industry, their product engineers combine science and creativity to design high-quality cardiovascular and strength products. Their work has resulted in numerous patents and product features that deliver tangible benefits for users worldwide.

SportsArt Fitness History
  • In 2010 New home-use line was launched.
  • In 2009 S770 Pinnacle Trainer was launched.
  • In 2007 ECO-POWR™ AC servo motor was introduced.
  • In 2007 Established subsidiary in Brazil.
  • In 2006 Established subsidiaries company in England, Indonesia, and office in Beijing and Shanghai.
  • In 2004 Established Health and Medical Devices Technology Research Centre, also approved by Ministry of Economic for “project of local industry through the establishment of R&D centers in Taiwan”.
  • In 2003 Established Branch office in Switzerland. Lead in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.
  • In 2002 Established European logistics center.
  • In2000 Moved to Tainan Technology Industrial Park.
  • In 1998 Started mass production of commercial elliptical line.
  • In 1997 Established subsidiary company in Seattle USA and Maintenance Center in Europe.
  • In 1996 Obtained ISO-9001 certification and Germany RWTUV certification.
  • In 1995 Build up SPORTSART brand name.
  • In 1993 The R&D Department established. Implemented corporate computerized system.
  • In 1990 Started mass production of AC motorized treadmills by co-operating with world leading brands.
  • In 1984 Sports Art Industrial Co. Ltd was established

SportsArt Fitness Products

Products here are divided into following parts according to the need

  • Sportsart Fitness Tr33 Treadmill
  • Sportsart Tr22f Treadmill
  • Sportsart T680e Treadmill
  • Sportsart T670e Treadmill
  • Sportsart T652 Treadmill
  • Sportsart T631 Treadmill
  • Sportsart T613 Treadmill
  • Sportsart E80c Elliptical
  • Sportsart E872 Elliptical Club Series
  • Sportsart E825 Elliptical
  • Sportsart E822 Elliptical
  • Sportsart E821 Elliptical
  • Sportsart E83 Elliptical
  • Sportsart A911 Assisted Chin/dip
  • Sportsart A912 Biceps Curl
  • Sportsart A915 Independent Chest Press
  • Sportsart A916 Independent Lat Pull Down
  • Sportsart A917 Independent Shoulder Press
  • Sportsart A918 Low Row
  • Sportsart A919 Independent Lateral Raise
  • Sportsart A921 Independent Mid Row
  • Sportsart A922 Independent Pec Fly/rear Delt
  • Sportsart A923 Pullover
  • Sportsart A925 Triceps Extension
  • Sportsart A926 Lat Pull Down
  • Sportsart A931 Abdominal Crunch
  • Sportsart A932 Back Extension
  • Sportsart A933 Independent Pec Deck
  • Sportsart A935 Rotary Torso
  • Sportsart A951 Abduction
  • Sportsart A952 Adduction
  • Sportsart A955 Glute
  • Sportsart A956 Leg Press
  • Sportsart A957 Leg Extension
  • Sportsart A958 Leg Curl
  • Sportsart A961 Total Hip
  • Sportsart A971 Cable Cross Over
  • Sportsart Df-100 Leg Extension/curl
  • Sportsart Df-101 Leg Press/calf Extension
  • Sportsart Df-102 Abductor/adductor
  • Sportsart Df-103 Lat Pull Down/mid Row
  • Sportsart Df-104 Pec Fly/rear Delt
  • Sportsart Df-105 Biceps Curl/triceps Extension
  • Sportsart Df-106 Low Back/abdominal
  • Sportsart Df-107 Assisted Chin/dip
  • Sportsart Df-108 Multi Press
  • Sportsart A93 Functional Trainer
  • Sportsart A981 Seated Calf Raise
  • Sportsart A983 Smith Machine
  • Sportsart A991 Free Standing Fid Bench
  • Sportsart A992 Flat Bench
  • Sportsart A993 Back/hyperextension
  • Sportsart A995 Adjustable Abdominal/crunch/sit Up Bench
  • Sportsart A996 Olympic Flat Bench
  • Sportsart A997 Olympic Decline Bench
  • Sportsart A901 10-pair Dumbbell Rack

SportsArt Fitness Contact Address

Sports Art Worldwide:
No. 11, Gong Huan Rd. Tainan City, Taiwan Republic of China

+886 6 3840888 Corporate Phone
+886 6 3840999 Corporate Fax

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