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Types Of Yoga Poses

Yoga asana or Yoga Poses are classified based on their body parts which are used and supported by. Yoga Poses are very important aspect for doing yoga. Yoga teachers who teach yoga are one who becomes experts in performing these poses and it requires dedication and discipline. Some poses are very easy to perform while some needs lot of hard work, regular practice and are not advisable for beginners as it can result in injury also. Yoga asana here are divided on the basis of body parts involvement. Following are the types of Asana.

Types of Yoga Asana

  • Poses while sitting
  • Poses while standing
  • Arm Balance Poses
  • Core Body Poses
  • Back-bending Poses
  • Forward-Bending Poses
  • Inversion Body Poses
  • Restorative Body Poses

Type Of Yoga Poses