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Yoga For Beginners

Yoga Practicing is very beneficial for health and whole body. There is no age limit for yoga practice anyone can do yoga. A beginners can also do yoga easily as an expert also was a beginner first than only he became expert.There are many Yoga Asana and Poses for Beginners which are not to hard to practice .Meditation and pranayama can also be practiced by beginners. Yoga is one good way of relaxation.It can ease the tension building in your muscles and joints without experiencing fatigue and overexertion.Beginners should not overdo whatever asana they are performing , increase your time slowly slowly with time. Overdoing it can stretch your muscle or bones and can lead to injuries.Yoga and Breathing goes hand on hand,so beginners should also practice Pranayama along with yoga.

Basic Poses For Beginners

As a beginners one should not overdo yoga or try difficult poses at once. Following are the asana which a beginners can practice and once mastered , can move to different asanas.

Where And What To Wear For Yoga

Yoga has one of the benefits that it ca be practiced anywhere without the help of special equipments.You can practice it at home or can find yoga classes in your area .At home also you can practice it easily you don't need anything to practice yoga. You can practice it at morning times as the environment is fresh and quite which soothes the body . Use Yoga mats or blanket to support you as they will give you comfort when doing sitting poses.It's best to wear loose or stretch clothing, such as shorts, sweat clothes, or leotards,yoga is traditionally practiced barefoot.

Guidelines For Beginners

  • Don’t eat a big meal at least 2-3 hours before your yoga practice.
  • Wear comfortable exercise or other loose clothing so your movements are not restricted.
  • Try to do your yoga practice early in the morning if possible.
  • Make sure your yoga space is well ventilated.
  • If you have medical conditions, select your yoga exercises accordingly.
  • Drink plenty of water after practice to wash out toxins released by the yoga sets.
  • It is fine to use yoga props to help you, such as blocks, blankets, cushions etc.
  • It is fine to use music while practicing yoga, but not during silent meditation.

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