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Yoga Music

Music is an art which have history long way back.Music has a power of reaching to the soul.Music can be used while practicing yoga as it can increase your concentration and help to unite your soul and mind. Yoga music are different from normal music ,these music have a different sound and it feels to body differently.Music has a power of healing ,power to concentrate,power to relax.Music in yoga have great consideration as it helps body to relax.In Yoga Asanas like savasana, and meditation music can be used as it helps in focusing the mind in one place and relaxes the body.

Music For yoga Can be of Following types

  • Chants and Mantras
    Chants and Sanskrit mantras make for good background yoga music if you are doing meditative styles of yoga.
  • Instrumental Music
    Instruments like flute,guitar,piano and many other Instrumental music can be used while practicing yoga
  • Indian and Ethnic Music
  • Meditation music
  • Classical Music

Benefits Of Music

  • Helps in Relaxing Yoga Asana
  • Helps in meditating
  • Increases Focus at one point
  • Setup a mood to start yoga energetically

Yoga Music